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About Austria Tour

Austria Tour was born in 1996 with the idea of ​​becoming one of the best tourism agencies and benchmark in the city of Bahía Blanca and the area.

Austria Tour, advises, designs, manages and commercializes tour packages and services that include Airplane tickets, land transfers, traveler medical insurance, prearranged or armed packages according to the taste of the passenger, circuits around the world and Argentina, national group departures and international, specific tours, tickets to sporting and musical events anywhere in the world. We also offer advice for the management of visas of the countries that request it to Argentine citizens.

We are part of the Board of Directors and Accounts Reviewer of the AAAVYT BHI (Association Argentina of Travel and Tourism Agencies, Local Bahía Blanca).

Vision, mission and values

| Vision:

Being a travel and tourism agency leader, sustainable and benchmark in the city of Bahía Blanca and the area.

| Mission:

Offer our passengers a response that exceeds their expectations and places us first in their preference.

| Values:


Commitment: With the interests of our passengers.

Quality: Of the services offered.

Flexibility: To adapt in a timely manner to the changes.

Justice: Framework of our actions.

Empathy: We put ourselves in the place of the passenger, in accordance with their tastes and expectations to achieve understanding and act accordingly.

Liberty: Axis of the workspace and development of the company and its members.

Responsibility: To be able to successfully use freedom.

Common sense: To understand the context that surrounds us.

Tenacity: To overcome obstacles

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